October 1, 2016


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The Healthy Pet Club


The Ark Veterinary Practice as part of the CVS group is pleased to be able to offer its clients a chance to join the Healthy Pet Club.
Would you like to save money on your pet's healthcare?

The scheme was setup to make preventative healthcare affordable for our loyal clients by spreading the cost of vaccinations, flea, and worming treatment into 12 manageable monthly direct debits.

For more information please visit the relevant link below:

Please ask in practice or contact us for more information. All we require are your bank details and we can sign you up today.

To keep in touch with updates and offers on this scheme please visit the website at


Please be aware that HPC is not a form of insurance. We recommend that your pet is insured. As a Petplan accredited pracitce we are pleased to offer 4 weeks free insurance. Please contact us or ask in practice for more information.

Ark Veterinary Practice is part of CVS (UK) Limited, a company which owns over 200 veterinary practices in the UK. Company Registration Number: 03777473 Registered Office: CVS House,  Owen Road,  Diss,  Norfolk IP22 4ER. Tel no 01379 644288.