September 26, 2016


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Pre and Post Operative Care

All animals booked in for procedures will have an admit appointment with either one of our nurses or veterinary surgeons. Please allow 10-15 minutes so that they can go through the consent form with you and gather the information needed for the procedure.

It is very important that clients are avaliable on the contact numbers given on the day incase of an emergency.

As part of the admission process the option of having a pre-operative blood test carried out will be discussed with clients. This blood tests screens for problems that can affect how your pet deals with the anaesthetic. The blood test screens for signs of kidney disease, liver disease, anaemia and diabetes mellitus; which are all problems which cannot be picked up on by physical exam alone. We strongly recommend this blood test if your pet is over the age of 7 years or 5 years for larger breed dogs.

Below is a form containing the necessary pre-op information for your pet:

Pre Op Form Cat/Dog/Small Mammal

Once admitted a veterinary surgeon or nurse will call you once your pet's procedure is complete to advise you of their progress and arrange a suitable discharge time.

All of our patients will have a discharge appointment with a nurse or vet  to enable us to go through your pet's post operative care, any medications they are to go home with and to answer any questions you may have about your pet's recovery.

If you have any questions about your pet's recovery or are worried please contact us.

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