September 25, 2016


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As the cost of veterinary care and treatment increases pet insurance is increasingly needed to help cover the costs.

The Ark strongly recommends that all pets are insured. Insurance helps to cover costs for both lifelong conditions (diabetes mellitus, arthritis) as well as one off accidents which can prove very costly. 

There are three main types of insurance policy:

  • Cover for Life Policies- This type of policy offers lifelong cover with a set amount of money that can be claimed each year. As long as the policy is renewed each year then the animal is covered for life.
  • Time Limited Policies- This type of policy offers a set amount per condition but you are only liable to claim within a certain time frame e.g 12 months. After 12 months then no claims may be made for that certain condition.
  • Maximum Limit Policies- This type of policy offers a set amount per condition but with no time limit on how long you may claim over. This means once the maximum amount has been reached no further claims can be made for that certain condition.

As a Petplan Accredited Practice the staff at the Ark are able to advise you on specific Petplan Policies. We recommend Petplan as it offers Cover for Life.

The practice can complete any paperwork needed to take out a Petplan policy.

The practice can also offer 4 weeks FREE insurance with Petplan.

We are unable to offer advice about any other specific companies or policies. We advise that clients read the smallprint with any policy to ensure that the policy will suit your individual requirements.

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